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Camp Emmanuel is held at Sangralea Valley:

8682 E. Co. Rd. 500 S.

Walton, IN 46994

CAMP PHONE (during camp weeks only): 574-626-0751

This phone number is only activated during camp! For other information, contact the Webmaster at <> or phone (765) 452-1779, ask for Pastor Ed, and mention you are calling about camp.

Coming from U.S. 31: Sangralea Valley is located 4 miles west of U.S. 31 on County Road 500 S. This is just north then west of Grissom Air Force Base and the next road north of State Route 218 West. As you go west on 500 N you will enter a small town called Onward. At the stop sign, make a left hand turn and then a “quick” right hand turn. Sangralea Valley will be on the left about 1/2 mile.

Coming from U.S. 35: Sangralea Valley is located 3 miles east of U.S. 35 on County Road 500 S. This is 2 miles north of Walton. Go east about 3 miles and Sangralea Valley will be on the right. If you get to the small town of Onward, you went too far. Turn around and go back.

If unable to find, please call 574-626-0751 or 574-626-2541 or 574-626-2669.

NOTE: During camp time only, you may send mail to: P. O. Box 20, Onward, IN 46967 or the above address. This is NOT a valid Camp Emmanuel address during the rest of the year.

You may call: 574-626-0751 for emergencies.

NOTE; ALL Campers are to arrive Sunday afternoon between 4:00 and 5:00 pm. Senior campers will leave at 10:30 a.m. SATURDAY morning. Junior campers will leave at 7:00pm FRIDAY NIGHT.

For webmaster, contact: Highland Park Church