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Our Mission

Although camp is about many things, the main purpose of Camp Emmanuel is  "...that the campers will:

(1) be made strong in their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ 

(2) their knowledge of His Word (the Bible), and 

(3) be encouraged to live faithfully for Jesus Christ."

We do share the Gospel so that campers who do not yet know the Lord might consider establishing a relationship with Him. 

(Junior Camp, 2016)

Kids at Camp Emmanuel get loads of Bible instruction, but they have a great, fun time -- and often make new (sometimes lifelong) friends.

Camp Emmanuel gladly accepts campers from participating churches. The Pastor of a camp church must certify the camper is actively involved in the church he serves (or a guest of one who is) and is well-behaved.

Participating in Camp Emmanuel is a privilege that must be earned. In order to qualify to attend Camp Emmanuel the camper must: * have attended church 6 of the 8 Sundays previous to registering for camp; * have memorized the "Roman's Road" Bible verses (Romans 3:10, 3:23, 6:23, 5:8, 10:9, and 10:13); * have completed the camp registration application, with a recommendation signed by one of the pastors of the supporting churches.

Camper Qualifications

You must memorize The Roman's Road

Included in the registration is an agreement to follow camp regulations. The application MUST be handed in to a camp pastor or mailed in before the deadline (for 2014, the deadline was June 29th). If it is not possible to hand this in to a camp pastor, you may mail the form to Pastor Rod Ruberg (Pastor Rod Ruberg, Riverview Community Church, 1320 Washington Blvd., Rochester, IN 46975).

Campers who are involved in another church besides one of the official camp churches may make arrangements by contacting a pastor of one of the participating churches. Camp Emmanuel is FREE to the campers because supporting churches and individual contributors make this possible.

Camp Emmanuel is not for everyone! It is for... (1) Both Christian kids who want to grow or those who have not yet made decisions for Christ, but ... (2) we only accept campers in either category who are well behaved. We are not equipped nor staffed for campers who are not willing or unable to follow the rules.            

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